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MLA Gopal Joshi proposes Rajasthani language recognition in assembly session

While presenting special mention proposal under Rule 295 of the Rules of Operation of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly during the session of the session, MLA Dr. Gopal Joshi said that every person is identified with his state and almost every state in India It has its own language, which is recognized by it. Demanding Rajasthani language recognition, Dr. Joshi said that our language has been recognized by Nepal and America. 

But in his own country, Rajasthani is not kept in the recognized bidding category. Which is the identity of the state. On this occasion, he said that only assurances are being given by the governments for a long time on the issue of recognition, but so far the success has not been achieved on this subject. Legislator Dr Gopal Joshi said that in order to fulfill the promise of Rajasthani language made during the Suraraj Sankalp Yatra, he strongly urged millions of Rajasthanis to recognize the value of language by making an effort to accede to the recognition of Rajasthani language.